At present, company Daikin is one of the quite important producers of equipment for air conditioning in the world.

By the radios of Echo of Moscow with the reference on BBC News Taiwan skilful individuals presented on the exhibition in Geneva foot-wear with the conditioner.

According to the data of the interrogation, carry ouied in 11 large cities of China during March 2001, the conditioner find on the second line of consumer preferences, being inferior only to motorcycle

Conditioner protects from a cold! The more fresh air enters accommodation, the less in it it remains the viruses, which cause a cold. The researchers from the Harvard institute of public health reported on this.

They presented conditioning system to hermitage. Company "DAK" transmitted into the gift to hermitage the central intellectual air conditioning system VRV of firm Daikin.
From 14 to 17 September, 2004, in Saint Petersburg in the exhibition complex Lenekspo will pass international construction exhibition Baltic construction week 2004 (up to 2002 was passed by the name BATIMAT Saint Petersburg). By the organizers of exhibition already eighth time will appear the international exhibition company ITE Group Plc and its official partner in Saint Petersburg company "Primekspo".


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Forms of the conditioners

window - conditioners

mobile - conditioners  

wall - split system

channel conditioners split system

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We approach creatively the creation of microclimate in each accommodation,   we emphasize individual style, image of firm and personality. Region of the activity of company - service conditioning, the everyday and professional air conditioning systems, ventilation equipment and the thermal equipment: conditioners, thermal guns, thermal curtains, the oil-filled radiators, heats-fan, infrared heaters, the electrical convectors of the leading models, the purifiers of air, air humidifiers, moisture absorbers, ionizers. We adhere to the principles of operation - effectiveness, the qualified consultations, the quality of the allowed service on the acceptable prices, the high level of the service, efficiency of serving.

Today company "Acclimatize" is the partner (distributor) of the following firm- producers:
 - the everyday air conditioning systems - conditioners of the Split- system of all types, window conditioners and the mobile monoblocks:
TOSHIBA (Japan),
SHARP (Japan),
HITACHI (Japan),
LG (Korea),
SAMSUNG (Korea),    
Whit-westinghouse (USA) (about the presence of this equipment, refine in managers),
DE LONGI (Italy);

- ventilation equipment, the system of central air conditioning and the refrigerators (temporarily it is not achieved work in this sphere of the activity of company):
AERMEC (Italy) - fan- Coyles, refrigerators;
CLIMAVENETA (Italy)- refrigerators machines, fan- Coyles;
Liebert-hiross (USA- Italy) - refrigerators;
CARRIER (USA) - refrigerators, central conditioners, fan- Coyles;
SISTEMAIR (Sweden) - fans (round and rectangular, channel,  axial, etc.), tributary and exhaust diffusers, ventilation lattices, air distributors;
DANVENT (Denmark) - tributary - exhaust installations, central conditioners;

- the "mul'tizonal'nye" systems:
Toshiba-carrier (Japan- USA),

- the high-precision conditioning: Liebert-hiross - system of precision conditioning for the telecommunication and server stations;

 - the thermal technology:
FRICO (air curtains, in such cases with the water supply, thermal guns, IR - heaters, convectors;
GENERAL (about the presence of this equipment, refine in managers)


On the presence of a number of equipment refine in the managers





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ОКНО в РуНет. Стань ПЕРВЫМ!!!

ОКНО в РуНет. Стань ПЕРВЫМ!!!





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